Janus Archanum

Blood-Boiling, Speedy Twin Daggers

weapon (melee)

Janus’ Archanum is a set of twin blades produced by the notorious Cainite craftsmen Helmut. The daggers fit together in such a way that they appear to be one. This combined blade is imbued with Potence and Celerity – the wielder gets, in essence, two dots of Potence and one dot of Celerity when using this blade.

When separated, one blade is characterized by a combination of Potence and Auspex, meaning that you get two additional dice on your attack (for accuracy) and one dot of Potence. The other blade is characterized by the fifth level of Rego Vitae, Cauldron of Blood. Whenever you strike a foe with this blade, you may roll eight (8) dice, difficulty 8, to boil blood within the veins of your victim. Each success boils away one blood point.


Janus Archanum

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