Victor Foust

Preeminent Cainite Scholar


“Some people claim that ignorance is bliss. If that’s true then I must be a very cursed being. But I suppose someone has to bear this burden, better a Tremere than a simpleton clan.”

Prominent Polish Tremere scholar and author of Verfolgt Und Gejagt: Das Blut Okkulten, the definitive textbook guide to Cainite survival…and destruction.

Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Charisma 5, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3, Perception 4, Intelligence 5, Wits 3
Acting 2, Alertness 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Dodge 1, Empathy 1, Intimidation 2, Subterfuge 2, Animal Ken 2, Etiquette 1, Herbalism 3, Melee 2, Ride 1, Academics 3, Hearth Wisdom 1, Investigation 1, Law 1, Linguistics 3, Medicine 1, Occult 4, Politics 1, Science 1
Auspex 1, Creo Ignem 3, Dominate 1, Path of Warding 2, Rego Motus 5, Rego Tempestas 1, Ally 1, Generation 3, Influence 1 Mentor 2, Retainer 1, Status 1, Road of Humanity 5, Conscience 2, Self-Control 4, Courage 3, Willpower 10, Blood Pool 15
Celestial Attunement, Misplaced Heart, Sanguine Humor, Deep Sleeper, Repulsed by Garlic, Soft Heart
Defense of the Sacred Haven, Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion

Sir Ostvel von Finstergr√ľn, Jozef de Veuster, Hanz Freud, Omar as-Sahab, Otto, Kardarren, Ibrahim.


Victor grew up in a country village in southeast Poland. His father, Dawid, a potato farmer and his mother, Isabella, a school teacher both raised and taught Victor all the good in humankind. Victor was a gifted child, he always knew the answers to most of the questions his teachers asked, and most of the other children did not like that for it made them look bad. Exiled by his peers, Victor stayed inside his house most of the days letting his mother teach him new and exciting things. She taught him to read and write. Victor then discovered the joys of reading books, oh how he wished he could be an author like the ones he read.

A year or so later, Victor’s little village was visited by a magician of strange powers. Every time the magician appeared the sky always darkened with black clouds. The magician performed levitation, fire tricks with his hands, and forming rocks and sand into human form. The children and most of all Victor were impressed with the magician’s act, but the parents and elders of the village thought that the magician was something much darker than what he appeared. Days later the magician was run out of town, Victor knew not why so he ran after him to ask why. As Victor reached the magician’s wagon he noticed the magician was nowhere to be seen. The only person there was to be the magician’s travel companion. The man growled at Victor asking him why he was there, Victor told the angry man why he came. Victor eventually convinced the man to allow him to come with him and the magician. During their travels the magician only came out at night and he spoke with Victor of all he has seen, the good and the horrible. The magician, Dekin, showed Victor some basic hedge magic, simple tricks here and there, but even the simplest of magic amazed Victor for he only read of it.

Victor traveled with Dekin and his companion, Evan, for well over a year before Victor discovered why Dekin was driven out of his village, he was a vampire. This did not shock Victor; as a matter of fact it amazed him even more so. He asked Dekin all he could ask about being a vampire. Dekin answered most of them and seemed delighted that Victor didn’t want to stake him and all that. Dekin continued teaching Victor the more advanced tricks of his magic, Victor for some strange reason caught on very well. Unknowing to Dekin, as him and Victor traveled, Victor collected folklore and legends of Vampires from every village they traveled to. Most seemed completely outrageous but regardless Victor wrote them down with parchment provided by both Dekin and the villagers. Eventually Victor had enough tales of vampires that it was as big as a book, his heart sang when he discovered he made a book. He was so proud that he showed Dekin his progress. To say the least, Dekin was impressed. As he read the book, Dekin discovered that most of the tales of the vampires were true. At this discovery he ordered Evan to copy the ‘book’ and send it it to Vienna to his vampire elders to see what they said he should do with the boy.

Several months later, Dekin received word from the elders that Victor should be brought to the nearest elders, Illieas Corbun in Salzburg, so the boy can be turned for the elders believe him to be a wonderful asset to the clan. Along with the letter of the elder’s approval were several copies of Victor’s book and on the covers were the title-Haunted and Hunted: The Blood Occult-. Dekin then traveled to Salzburg, sending letters ahead to let Elder Corbun know of the situation. As Victor arrived in Salzburg he was immediately collecting tales again. His searching for tales caught the attention of a young boy, Johann Frieburg. Victor instantly befriended the boy five years his junior. He told Frieburg of his adventures and magic and such. Frieburg was so amazed at the tricks Victor showed and taught him.

As Victor and Frieburg played in the streets and alleys of Salzburg, Dekin and Elder Corbun discussed when the boy should be brought in. Dekin asked Corbun to wait awhile to let Victor mature more so he can be of more use to the clan, Corbun agreed so they waited. Several years later, Victor, now almost twenty-one roamed the streets of Salzburg as one of its few scholars, and one of its brightest. Always not far behind him, Frieburg trailed him and tried his very best to olearn everything his tutor taught him. Victor eventually befriended a local herbalist/doctor, Stephan Erbaceous. He befriended him because Stephan had saved Frieburg’s life; he had a nasty fever and an infected cut on his leg. Victor wished to know the secrets of this medicine Stephan possessed, so Stephan taught the eager Foust. In return for teaching him, Victor taught Stephan some simple magic for his kindness. Unfortunately, Victor had no money and he couldn’t stay with Dekin, he was a private man. So he found his new home under a bridge along with Frieburg and his belongings and his most prized possession, his book that apparently is known somewhat throughout the vampire community. A month later Victor met with Elder Corbun and was brought into the Tremere clan of vampires and was taught the ways of Thaumaturgy, blood magic. As he was turned, Victor could feel his heart drop below his waist and become very tired. He was know what he wrote about, he was a vampire.


After his embrace, Victor Foust stayed in Salzburg along with Frieburg and Stephan. He stayed beneath the bridge with Frieburg, even though Frieburg disliked it so….but it was all they could afford (which was nothing). He ‘lived’ underneath that bridge for many months until the Prince summoned him to be accounted for due to the “Death Witch” attacks….and that’s when the adventure began.

As he reached the Prince’s estate he ran into several other Kindred: A one armed sickly looking Nosferatu, a gruff and hairy Gangrel, an old, knightly Ventrue, and a cunning looking Assamite. He introduced himself as did they: Jozef de Veuster (Nosferatu), Hanz Freud (Gangrel), Lord Ostvel Finstergrun (Ventrue), and Omar as-Sahab (Assamite).

As Victor and the other Kindred continue on to meet the Prince they start to see some disturbing sights, such as a Ventrue pulled through a murder hole and dripping his blood all over the ground below as well as the Seneschal trapped and dead beneath a portcullis. The Kindred start to worry as they begin to rush forward towards the Prince’s meeting chamber. Before the chamber though, the room before it is filled with vampire bloody mists. Omar controls himself as he examines the room. Soon, everyone rushes into the meeting room to find the leaders of all the clans, including the Prince, staked. As one of the Kindred try to unstake the Prince they brush against a ward on the stake and it catches fire, engulfing the Prince as well. Soon, the Prince ashes. The Kindred try then to decide who to wake next, because they will then become the Prince. Everyone agrees to wake the Toreador elder, and she, Esmeralda, became the new Prince of Salzburg. After waking the rest of the Elders the newly formed coterie of Victor, Omar, Jozef, Hanz, and Lord Ostvel was grately welcomed into the city.

Shortly after Esmeralda took power though the former Prince, Mazardt, returned to the city. He cast Esmeralda off the throne and turned her into a scullery maid. The coterie was intrigued to discover that Prince Mazardt and Lord Ostvel looked very much alike. After the meeting, the coterie retired back to a local inn only to discover that Victor’s book was missing! When they discovered that they also found that the Inquisition was starting to move into Salzburg, the coterie suspects that is the Inquisition who stole the book. The book, the coterie discovers, was separated into three pieces and sent off to different locations: Rome, Vienna, and Innsbruck. Thus the search for book and the destruction of the Inquisition began.

In their travels, the coterie met a Tremere named Sanndheim. He seemed bitter and somewhat of a douche to the coterie, especially Victor for some reason. He even criticized Victor’s book even though he had a copy of it in his library. As they left Victor just seemed to not care about Sanndheim regardless if he is a clan brother or not.

After the coterie recovered the first piece of the book from Vienna, Victor went to the Tremere HQ there to give the elders there the piece. He ended up giving the piece to Goratrix, second in command of the Tremere. Victor did his best to show respect to the powerful Kindred, she was pleased with his progress so far. After he left Vienna, Victor and the coterie traveled to Rome and acquired the second piece and now are in Innsbruck to get the third piece of the book (who they suspect Sanndheim has). The coterie, along with Mazardt’s help, got together an army and marched it to Innsbruck to confront Sanndheim and his army at his castle. Now Victor is determined to perform diablerie on his clan brother (better him than letting Omar do it, preserving Tremere secrets). Now the question is as the coterie waits to begin the assault, can Victor do it?

Now, after the diablerie of Indus, a Sanndheim loyalist, Victor’s soul is trying not to tear himself apart after this horrible, but necessary crime. He can still feel Indus inside of him, but Victor has been quiet since then to conserve his sanity. He might have gained power from the crime but it came with a heavy mental price, and his mentality is one thing he should try to not risk.

A Scream In The Night

As Victor closes his eyes after the night’s events have ended, he is immediately dropped into a deep and dark slumber. During mid-day Victor’s slumber turned into a stressful one. He was surrounded in darkness, but there was another with him, Indus. “You killed me Foust,” he stated while ash poured from his mouth, ears, and the fang marks on his neck. “No,” Victor exclaimed, “no, no, no, no! It was necessary.” Indus cocked his head and grinned, “Oh no, otherwise a filthy clan eater will know my secrets.” “As well as our clan’s you fool,” Victor shouted with clinched fists. “Ha,” Indus laughed, “like one Cainite can bring down an entire clan, especially one as magnificent as clan Tremere!” “I will NOT take that chance,” Victor screamed his voice more commanding. “Oh Foust, you are so young….you have much to learn about the Clan,” a voice said from the shadows, yet Victor seemed to recognize it. Sonndheim appeared out of the shadows with that smug smile on his face and a commanding step in his walk. Sonndheim shook his head, “Poor Foust,” he taps his head,”you have so much knowledge yet you know not how to use it.” Victor gritted his teeth, his fangs starting to come out, “Why must you always belittle me Sonndheim, we are brothers are we not?” Sonndheim laughed softly, “Us? Brothers? More like you are my servant to give me what I want that way you can keep on living you pitiful excuse for a Tremere!” With that Victor frenzied and launched himself at Sonndheim and began to feed. Sonndheim’s scream echoed throughout his head as he drank…..and drank….and drank. Then…. poof….ash in Victor’s mouth. Blood and ash dripped from his mouth as he glared at Indus, “Your leader is gone, now you have none.” Indus just smiled and looked beside himself were Sonndheim materialized beside him. Sonndheim smiled, “You see Foust, now I’m a part of you, I’ll never leave your head.” “You,” several voices said from the shadows. Victor whipped around to see that it was his coterie who said the words. All of them had bite marks on their necks except for Lord Omar who just had a smile on his mouth, “Welcome to the darkness that is diablerie Victor.” Victor faced Indus and Sonndheim again, they were just standing there with smiles on their ghostly faces. Victor looked backed to his Coterie but they were all ash, even Omar. Victor started sweating, literally sweating. “You have fallen far my son,” a dark, deep voice said in the shadows. Suddenly a body appeared, it was Master Corbun. He pointed at Victor, “You have brought shame and shall be damned by all your kind.” Victor backed away from his mentor but he backed into Sonndheim. “Now you are mine Foust,” Sonndheim exclaimed as he faded into Victor. Victor looked at his hands in terror, they were starting to ash, he was starting to sweat more and more. “No, no, no, NO!” Poof.

Freiburg jumped as he clearly heard Victor screaming in his sleep. Without hesitation he rushed into Foust’s room to find- “Oh my GOD!”

Victor sleepily jumped up as he heard Johann, as he opened his eyes he discovered a disturbing observation, he was covered in blood! He was not only covered in it, he was sweating it too, his bed and sheets were also covered in the blood. Victor went pale, feel suddenly weak and hungry. Johann caught him, not caring that the blood splattered and caked onto him. “My friend, you need your…food. I’ll go fetch you some,” Freiburg said as he laid Victor down onto his blood soaked bed, but Victor grabbed his arm, he still had some strength. “No Johann, I must feed now.” Freiburg paled but nodded, “I understand.” He stuck out his arm. Victor shook his head, “No Johann,” he pointed to his wineskin, “there is food in that, I need it.” Johann grabbed the wineskin and handed it to Victor. Victor pulled off the stopper and gulped down the contents in mere seconds, some blood dripping down his caked face. Victor sighs in relief as he finishes the last drop, he tosses the wineskin aside and looks at Johann with a smile on his face. “Thank you my friend, don’t know what I would do without you.” Johann laughs, “Probably still be under the bridge.” Both of them laugh. “I want you to have something Johann,” Victor says as he pours some wine and casually cuts his wrist and lets some blood drip in. He hands the glass to Johann and pours himself a glass and raises it, “To friendship and long lives.” “Here here,” Johann says in return as he drinks the ‘wine’. After they both finish their drinks they set down their glasses and Freiburg nods to Victor, “Well my friend, try to go back to sleep.” “I’ll try Johann, I’ll see you when darkness comes.” And with that Victor drifts back to his slumber and awaits for night’s arrival.

A Day Under The Bear Skin

“You failed….you failed….you failed,” voices in the dark called out to Victor. The voices circled around him again they continue to mock him from where he can’t see. “I did all I could,” Victor exclaimed. A familiar, and smug, voice called out to him. “Oh Foust, you still have so much to learn. Hahahaha,” Indus spoke out. Victor clutches his head, “Leave me be, all of you.” The voices, including Indus, laugh at Victor’s command. “We will not leave,” all the voices said in unison, ” we only judge.” “I know,” Foust said, “I….failed.” With those words said, Victor slumped to the floor like a bag of meat. A new voice spoke up, one he recognized, “Oh Victor, my friend, you have so much to learn.” Victor looked up to find Lord Omar standing over him with Rook on his shoulder. Victor hangs his head, “My apologies Omar and Rook, for I have—.” “Failed,” both Omar and Rook exclaimed as they interrupted Foust’s words.

Victor looked up to both of them to discover they were both on fire as they both slowly approach him. Victor starts to scoot back away from them. “Failed…..failed….FAILED,” they both scream as they are engulfed in flame and moan in agony. Shortly after the fire is snuffed out and all that is left is Omar and Rook’s skeletons as they were before the fire engulfed their bodies. Omar’s jaw opened, ash flew out, as did the word Failed. Rook’s skeleton did the same. Soon, Victor was surrounded by ash, then the ash slammed into him again and again. It broke him, not physically but mentally. Victor started mumbling to himself as ash flew into his eyes and mouth, making him bleed from both. Then….darkness. He opened his eyes to discover that both skeletons were gone but in their wake stood a lone figure, Sonndheim.

His smug smile cut into Victor like a hot blade, “You know what I’m going to say Foust, so I shall just stand here and let you soak it all in.” Failed….failed….failed Victor’s mind stated over and over again. Sonndheim looked at his hand gloatingly, “Tis a shame about your friend….and your bird.” Victor gritted his teeth Failed….failed…. “Hope you are able to find peace with their untimely death, tis a cruel world my brother,” Sonndheim said snootily. Failed….. “So,” Sonndheim said, appearing in front of Victor, “what shall you do Foust?” .....bastard…..kill….revenge….hate…..blood…your soul will be mine you heartless brother Victor stands, fire in his eyes and his body, “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do…” Victor grabs Sonndheim and thrusts him against a wall, “I’m going to take my revenge.” With that Victor’s fangs come out along with frothing blood and a maddening roar he didn’t know he possessed and ate Sonndheim.

Darkness again. Can feel blood tears running down my face. Minutes pass and then a smirk appears in the darkness. Revenge….has a nice ring to it. I’ll make it nice and slow for you my brother……..enemy.

Victor awakes to the sound of himself coughing up blood, he is in a small puddle of it under his bearskin, what a great way to start the night.

Victor Foust

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