Stephan Erbaceous

Herbalist, Apothecarist, Mage and Ally of Victor Foust


“You come with plagues and curses and I give you their antidotes….try not to waste my time and resources now. That goes especially for you Foust.”

Stephan Erbaceous was born and raised in Salzburg. His mother Diantha, a herbalist, and his father Fritz, a local street magician. Stephan took his mothers Greek skin and his fathers magician mind. Through out his life his parents taught him both their trades. At the age of seventeen, Stephan saved his first life. At the age of twenty, he was able somewhat control his magic powers. When he was twenty-five, Stephan saved a boy’s life, the boy’s name was Johann Freiburg. The boy’s friend, Victor, thanked Stephan many times and asked if he liked to know more of the magical arts. Through the years, both Johann and Stephan learned from Victor, until one day Victor disappeared for a few days. Victor grew strange but Stephan knew not to press the issue with him. A year or so later, Victor left the city with some strange people. Johann stayed with Stephan in Victor’s absence. Stephan also taught Johann some magic as well as some herbalism. On Victor’s return Stephan was still teaching and helping Johann along. Now, Stephan travels with Victor and Johann aiding anyway he can.

Stephan Erbaceous

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