Jozef de Veuster

A Nosferatu informant in servitude to God and clan alone.


An average layman, Jozef worked as a laborer on the docks of the Salzach until one day an accident left his arm crushed underneath an enormous load of cargo. While his fellow laborers worked to return the cargo to its proper place, Jozef received a vision: an angel descended from Heaven and told Jozef that if he devoted himself to serving the will of God, his life would be spared. Jozef agreed, and awoke several days later to find that he had although he had lost his arm, he survived what should have been a fatal accident.

To honor the promise he had made to God, Jozef shunned his previous life to become a flagellant, intent on using his crippled body to demonstrate the strength of a devout spirit. Armed with his fervent faith and a cat o’ nine tails, Jozef whipped himself before any crowd that would gather as he witnessed to the power and mercy of God. Although he spoke to any who would approach him, he was revered among the downtrodden of the city; the sick and weak especially, as lepers would beg to soak their rags in the blood that ran down his tattered back to keep as holy relics. Jozef felt great joy in his work, truly, he felt stronger as he realized that he no longer felt pain from the long sessions of flagellation. However, that strength would soon be revealed as a sign of encroaching leprosy, and Jozef was shunned from the city’s squares where he so often evangelized. Soon, he too was nothing more than one among many in the gutters and outskirts of city being slowly devoured by disease. In his own slow decay, one thing remained fixed: Jozef never turned from his faith, and did his best to bring comfort to his fellow lepers, singing the Geisslerlieder even as his body failed him.

One night, Jozef again heard the voice of an angel. The angel told him that his faith in God was great, and he was to be rewarded, to become a servant of God beyond mortal comprehension. In a moment of ecstasy the angel embraced him, and Jozef ascended to a new state of being. Over many decades Jozef learned of his new position in life; he was educated, shown a new plateau of strength, and was carefully trained in a way to use his senses to reveal the secrets held within the hearts of others. Given safe quarters in St. Sebastian’s church grounds, Jozef currently works as one among the Nosferatu, an information broker working to serve both his vampire masters, as well as maintain his first promise to God.

Jozef de Veuster

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