Hanz Freud

Made another Gangrel sit in a fire

Strength 5Charisma 5Perception 5
Dexterity 4Manipulation 2Intelligence 2
Stamina 5Appearance 2Wits 3
Acting 1Animal Ken 2Medicine 1
Alertness 3Archery 1
Athletics 3Melee 1
Brawl 3Ride 1
Dodge 3Stealth 2
Intimidation 3Survival 3
Animalism 3Generation 5Conviction 2
Fortitude 4Mentor 2Instinct 3
Protean 4Retainer 2Courage 5
Presence* 1Status 1
Auspex* 0
Dementation* 0
Road of Beast 5 Willpower 8 Blood Pool 20
UnbondableKnown to be Dead
Common SenseUneducated
Acute Sense (Hearing)
Light Sleeper
Furry ArmsDelusion
Sir Ostvel von Finstergrün Jozef de Veuster Victor Foust Omar as-Sahab
Otto Kardarren Ibrahim

Human days
Hanz was born as an average boy to a woodsman father Johan and a young mother Gertrud, just outside of the small village of Rattenberg. The first few years of his life were the same as with most boy’s besides the fact that he had not anyone to play with but his father and mother.

At the age of 5, his life was changed by the loss of his mother. She died from a strange disease which first drove her mad, then caused her to become bed ridden and die later that winter. This of course affected Hanz, but his father seemed to take the biggest blow. Being already secluded was hard enough but now his father spoke less and rarely went into town except for business.

As Hanz grew his father taught him what was needed to survive out in the woods around their small home. He learned to chop down trees for firewood, hunt using traps and a little bit of archery, Hanz wasn’t very good at that. His life went on like that for many years; until at the age of 15 Hanz woke to find his father missing. Although this wasn’t strange for Hanz, his father did not return, and going to the town looking for help only got him strange looks. After a few months of asking for help, people began to whisper rumors of a curse upon his family. Feeling afraid of the towns people and in need of sustenance he picked up his fathers duty as a woodsman, cutting lumber and hunting some small game.

It had seemed forever since his father had left, he had begun working and continued to supply a small amount of lumber to the village to keep things he needed in supply. It was a living but most of the villagers gave him looks and the feeling that he was not welcome, so he kept his distance and went to town as little as possible. This still meant he made regular visits to town for supplies, probably every month or so.

The early morning a cold winter’s day, well before sunrise, Hanz had woken because the fire had gone out. Realizing that he had little to no wood he rose, grabbed his axe and went out to fell a tree as an early start to his day. He walked into the forest and began to hear noises, not the usually animal noises but those that seemed like talking. Heading in that direction he could begin to make out firelight in the distance out in a small clearing of the woods. As he peeked around a tree and into the clearing he saw a group of about ten beast men sitting and talking around the fire. Startled he took a step back into the brush, calling the attention of the gatherers. They looked up and soon began to rush toward Hanz. Fearing for his life Hanz began to run towards his house when suddenly one of the beasts crashed through the brush in front of him. Without even thinking, Hanz brought his axe down on the creature catching it right on the top of its skull and quickly dashed off leaving his axe behind. He was soon overtaken by the beasts and fell to the ground with them clawing and ripping at him. Then he heard a single voice shout “STOP”. The beasts paused and stepped back from Hanz, revealing a tall man who looked as if he had been born half wolf because of all the hair on him. The man spoke quickly and softly to the group and then leaned down to Hanz, who was now so afraid he could hardly even breathe. The man said simply “You have disturbed us and would usually become a snack, but you have manage to wound one of my pack.” The man dropped Hanz’s axe next to him. “You are strong and I am feeling generous tonight. I will give you a new life, and if you can survive a few winters then you may be worthy.” With that he leaned in and bit deeply into Hanz’s neck. The world went black and Hanz could feel nothing.

When Hanz awoke he found him self in a cave. Surprised to still be alive he rose quickly and looked around. Next to him he found his axe, the blood from the beast had dried onto the blade. Leaving the cave Hanz noticed that it was night and that he was on familiar ground not far from his home. He began to head home when he realized that there was no moon tonight and yet he could see just fine, as if the moon was in full. He rushed home only to find the villagers surrounding it, and it in flames. As he approached a few of the villagers saw him and began to scream. Others turned and began to shout, “There he is, look at him, his eyes glow with the devils glare. He has sold his soul and has turned into one of the devils minions. QUICKLY KILL HIM!!!!” Fearing for his life Hanz ran knowing not what to do or what was happening. He ran and ran back to the cave where he had awoken, there he hid and hoped that it was all a dream. He hoped until he felt the need to sleep. He fought it as for long as he could but it just was not to be, slowly his eyes closed and sleep crept over him.

Beginning of vampire life
The first year after the ordeal was confusing. He had tried to continue to live like he had done before, but every time he tried to eat he just vomited it back up and he felt worse than before he had eaten it. Going out during the day was not going to happen again, after the incredible amount of pain that had once occurred when he stepped out of the cave into the sunlight. He found that if he let him self go his body just went and drained the animals he had caught, it made him feel full and so he began to let his body do most of the work for him.

Spring time had come after his third winter. It was nice to have easy access to food again. Enjoying now that his body did most of the work of living with out his need to command it. But on a hunt one day he was suddenly tackled by a random old man. This was strange to Hanz as he had gotten out from under rocks that had fallen on him before with ease. And yet this old man didn’t even seem to shift as Hanz attempted to remove him from the grapple. After a while of the man sitting there, Hanz finally gave up trying to move him. It was then that the man spoke. He said simply “How many winters?”, this was confusing. Hanz didn’t know what to do so he simply told the man “Three… I think.”, Then the man smiled and leaped up and off of Hanz, giving out his hand to help Hanz up. That was the day that everything got explained.

The time with that old man Giovanni was an amazing time to Hanz. It reminded him of how as a child his father had taken him out to learn to survive in the world. Except now it was him learning from Giovanni to survive as a vampire. Hanz learned as much as the old man to could force into him, most of it came naturally like how to move and hunt, along with the knowledge of his own strength. But one thing was the hardest and it was the last thing, and a gift that Giovanni gave to Hanz before he departed. The ability to talk to animals. Hanz had never understood how the man controlled them so well, but it was amazing to watch. One night Giovanni howled into the woods, and out came a grey maned wolf that simply walked up to Giovanni. Turning to Hanz, Giovanni said, “Speak to him ask him to drink of your blood.” Hanz had learned to not question Giovanni but simply to do as told. Speaking to the beast, Hanz cut his palm and cupped his hand so that the wolf may drink of his blood. As the wolf began to lap up the blood, Giovanni said, “As of tonight, this is your companion. Keep him safe and he will do the same for you. Travel with him at your side, make him part of your pack, and feed him your blood every night. He will grow strong and thus help you more when you need him. Remember this as I will not be here to remind you.” With that Giovanni nodded at Hanz turned and left into the woods. Hanz was alone again, but now he knew that he belonged somewhere and that meant that he would do all he could to keep on living.

Hanz Freud

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