Johann Freiburg

Longsuffering apprentice to Victor Foust


“I will follow you my friend, Victor, to anyplace….as long as there is a nice warm bed and far from any bridges.”

At the young age of ten, Johann Freiburg left his home village and traveled to Salzburg because of tales he heard that there were magicians and such in the town. Within days of arriving in Salzburg he met a young and ambitious magician named Victor Foust. Victor and Johann immediately befriended each other and that is were Victor began to teach Johann the arts of magic. Johann’s heart jumped and ran every time Victor performed magic and such. One day, Johann got very sick. Luckily for Johann, Victor found a herbalist named Stephan and Johann was cured. When he wasn’t practicing with Victor, Johann was with Stephan and learning healing arts as well. One day many years later, Victor was taken to a compound for many days. When he saw Victor again, Johann sensed that something was wrong. He only saw Victor at night for one, and he would no longer perform his magic for him as well. Eventually Victor told him what had happened to him and what he had become. Years later Victor headed out with a strange group of people and left Johann under their bridge for a long time. During the time of Victor’s absences, Johann turned to Stephan. Stephan began to teach him the arts along with his herbalism. As of now, Johann is still under the wing of Stephan along with learning a few things from Victor.

Johann Freiburg

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