Elias Corbun

Victor Foust's Sire and Mentor


“Oh Foust….what have you done?”

Out of all of his childer, Victor was Elias’ most interesting to say the least. Elias was surprised how well Victor adapted to the life of a kindred. Only took him a week for Victor to conjure his first flame and another week to levitate a book. Elias was proud of those feats along with Victor’s knowledge of the supernatural and his book. But then the day the book was taken happened, what a experience that was. The council was furious at this. They pointed fingers both at Victor and Elias. Elias began to lose faith in Victor until he started getting wind that Victor was starting to get the pieces back. Now Elias just waits until his childer comes back hopefully victorious with his quest. He hopes to help Victor rise up in the clan for this accomplishment.

Elias Corbun

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