What, more burning?

The coterie takes a moment to recover from the previous night’s exertions, and Ibrahim goes to check on Hans and the mortals they have taken under their collective wing. Hans has been tormenting the simple man from the tower, and as Ibrahim tries to stop the Gangrel, the simpleton begins to glow with holy light, searing both vampires. He leaps upon Hans’ back and burns a cross into the Gangrel’s head, and then returns to his corner as though nothing had happened. Ibrahim begins kicking Hans in the ribs, shouting at him. “I was nearly burned to ash last night, and now you incite someone to burn us in our own haven!?” It is only with great effort that he does not frenzy and attempt to drain the Gangrel dry. Still, this has been an interesting discovery, and this holy simpleton might yet prove useful.

Ostvel, Omar, Victor, and Ibrahim travel to the Elysium, while Jozef checks in on Auffenbach’s tower. He manages to catch a messenger pigeon being released by an unknown monk, discovering a report that Auffenbach is recovering well, but Sister Mathilda and the boy are missing. The sender is named as Brother Matthew. Back at the Elysium, Omar overhears a group of werewolf hunters, wearing black armbands and wolf pelts, and learns that they are meeting at the West Gate at midnight. The rest of the coterie are notified that the Assamite will meet them at the gates later, and they choose to pass that time by investigating Indus’ laboratory.

At the gate, Omar signaled down one of the gargoyles on patrol over the city, warning it that there was an imminent attack on the city. If the gargoyle would go warn Sondheim, Omar would gladly turn himself in as a sign of loyalty. It is his hope to insinuate himself into Sondheim’s court.



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