Victories of Body and Mind

While Ibrahim sits alone in the tower, writing a letter and waiting for the glowing to stop, the rest of the coterie finds the army. Commander Shreeva reports that the wolves are keeping the soldiers on their toes, but that casualties have been relatively light. Camigwen is walked through the camp, so that the soldiers can see her and begin to circulate rumors of her presence.

The coterie then leaves the camp to investigate the woods, seeking out the werewolves and Gangrels to determine if there is indeed an alliance. It is not difficult to find their target, and they are soon engaged in a pitched battle with a number of werewolves. Hanz faces off against one in a duel, but is quickly defeated. Victor sets fire to the back of the beast’s head as a distraction, and Jozef heroically leads the majority of the pack off into the woods. Lord Ostvel claims another head, and wounds the monster holding the unconscious body of Hanz. Omar dives in as well, attempting several daring maneuvers that fail to bring the werewolf down, before going for broke and solidifying the blood in its veins.

Back in the city, Ibrahim leads the simple young man back to the townhouse. The man seems unusually alert, and able to sense Ibrahim’s concern about the impending sunrise. Further, he becomes agitated when walking past the Inquisition chapter-house. An aura reading reveals that his spirit is particularly bright, but Ibrahim fails to learn anything more.

The coterie regroups just as the sun rises, and dives into the basement for cover. Hanz is badly injured, the claws and teeth of the wolf-men having left deep wounds that take copious amounts of blood to heal. He is left to recuperate while the coterie leaves to find an Elysium and acquire more sustenance for their friend. Omar arrives just in time to enter a conversation on Sonndheim’s faults, and make a complete fool of Indus Mouhnar, one of Sonndheim’s supporters. However, this display of argumentative acumen impresses Aurelia, the most vocal of the prince’s detractors.



These adventure logs are great. Thanks for taking the lead on this – it really helps to keep things tied together when whole party can check out what has happened in previous sessions.

Victories of Body and Mind

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