The Laying of Plans

After some discussion, the coterie realizes that they have not fully planned out the siege, or how they will overcome the numerical superiority of Sondheim’s army. Ibrahim calls upon his knowledge of history and logistics, and then seeks out the advice of the crusader Lord Ostvel. It is decided that the coterie must learn as much as possible about Sondheim’s army, in order to find its weaknesses. Victor and Ostvel will scout the area around the castle, seeking a terrain advantage. Jozef and Ibrahim will determine where the army gets its food, with the hope of somehow tainting it. Omar will try to locate other Cainites in the city who are also opposed to Sondheim. And finally, Hans will lay in the basement and scare the children.

Scout terrain between Sondheim’s castle and Innsbruck.

The river has been diverted to form a moat, with a single stone bridge to cross it.
Gargoyles patrol around the castle, periodically fighting with werewolves.
Ostvel and Victor hear a duel, and move in to determine who is doing the fighting.
It seems that a Lupine was fighting a Gangrel, who sought to impose its will upon the beast, but ends up killing it. When Ostvel goes to confront the vampire, Victor levitates the Gangrel to prevent escape
Unfortunately, it seems that a gargoyle spotted the kindred, and seizes the Tremere’s face.
Ostvel strikes the Gangrel down, and it melds with the dirt to avoid further injury.
Hearing Victor’s call for aid, Ostvel hurls his sword up at the retreating gargoyle, striking it and causing it to drop the Tremere, who crashes through the trees and onto the snow.

Determine logistics of Sondheim’s army.

Several large bakeries and slaughterhouses.
It seems that they all send their shipments out using whatever warm bodies are on hand. The largest bakery, for example, has two children named Fritz and Johan, who are paid in bread-crusts.
Indus Mouhnar is following Ibrahim, and Jozef drops back to tail Indus, who seems to be taking notes on Ibrahim’s movements.
Ibrahim “accidentally” runs into Indus, and begins making himself look like a scatterbrained newcomer to the city. His hope is to convince Indus that he is not a problem, and perhaps insinuate himself into Sondheim’s supporters.
Indus seems mistrustful, but possibly willing to accept Ibrahim’s explanation. Heleads Ibrahim back to his laboratory, for it seems he is a Tremere, and needs several ingredients for his research. These include niter, several types of blood, and minerals like the Red Salt from Salzburg.
His work, which seems based around tamed lightning, also takes the form of a Thaumaturgy Path, and the backstabber reaches around to shock Ibrahim unawares.
Jozef catches the bastard’s arm with the cat o’ nine tails, and the battle is joined.
After nearly being ashed by the lightning, Jozef and Ibrahim manage to stake the sorcerer, then stash him under the water outside the mill.

Meanwhile, Omar is searching for more vampires to recruit to our side of the coming fight.

He follows a group to a municipal building and slips in behind them, relying on Obfuscate to stay hidden. They are unhappy that some item is not where they though it was, and they must now find it before they can deliver it. They are suspicious if Sondheim has this item, but also consider that it may have been taken from Innsbruck already.
Omar introduces himself, offering help looking for the Codex Gigas, which he correctly guessed that they were seeking. Their names are Rambaud (possible Toreador), Estrix (Nosferatu), Johan Inchmann, Georg, Stevron.
Omar arranges a drop point so that this new coterie can reach him, then returns to the safe house. On the way, he notices the Inquisitors next door are gearing up to leave the city.



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