Like Nesting Dolls

Decided to set out for Innsbruck, to check on the army’s progress. To gain an edge in the coming battle, the coterie needed to pick up explosives from Lord Rustung, necessitating a trip back to Finstergrun.

While traveling, they took Stefan with them, to serve as a translator for Camigwen, as his Greek origins might allow him to better understand her imperious other personality. Upon introducing the man to Camigwen, he is able to discern that there is some external magic acting upon her. He agrees to accompany us to better treat her.

Along the way, the Coterie stops by the strange cave, and prepares to sleep for the day. The next night, they descend into the cavern, and find their way past the wards placed throughout, arriving at the side of the sarcophagus. Nothing seems to have changed since their last visit. Camigwen is made to drink an alchemical concoction that will make her more pliable, and is brought up to the sarcophagus by Victor’s levitation. Stefan begins an exorcism rite, and a mist appears to leave her body and enter into a space beneath the sarcophagus. Hans crassly tosses the corpse out onto the floor, then uproots the bottom paneling to reveal yet another sarcophagus. Within it is a body that is far better preserved, and appears to aura sight to be laden with spirit.

Taking both corpses with them, the coterie arrives at Finstergrun, where they meet with Lord Rustung and discuss strategy. Lord Rustung informs them of further rumors regarding the Inquisition, such as the existence of a shadow organization made up of specially trained clergy, knights, peasants and nobles. He also provides further information on the army, and suggests plans for the impending siege.

Their business with Rustung concluded, the traveling party completed their trip back to Salzburg with little trouble and dropped the bodies off with Otto. The coterie then boarded a ship to Innsbruck, where Hans and Omar soon found themselves embroiled in combat.



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