Have Fun Storming the Castle!

Ostvel awakens at the bottom of a creek bed, a dead gargoyle pressing down on him. He struggles free and manages to catch a stag on his way back up the mountain. Ibrahim erupts from his bearskin and scrambles up the mountain. Jozef spots him, and together, they climb up towards Victor.

Hans opens his eyes in a dark, stinking dungeon, chained to a wall with a horrible-smelling fluid dripping upon him.

Innsbruck is aflame, visible from the mountain-side, as the lessened coterie takes stock.

Victor is sent to the army, to order the attack while Sonndheim is fighting the werewolves. Camigwen emerges from the commander’s tent, pulling on her clothing, then strides along the lines of soldiers, touching their faces, and inciting them into religious ecstasy. On his way back, a gargoyle swoops in at him, forcing him to abandon his levitation and plummet into the cobbles below. He evades the monster on foot, and arrives at Allana’s bar. The Ravnos is staked on the roof, and Victor pulls her down and feeds her with the first cask of blood on hand, but she remains unconscious. Even worse, five members of the Forty emerge from the basement and spot Victor. Low on blood, facing five heavily armed vampires, an injured friend at his back, Victor pulls out the flask Allana gave to him and chugs it down.

In the castle, Dismas deVega slides over to Hans. The Gangrel and Assamite have difficulty communicating, but it seems Dismas is a friend of Omar. Upon learning that Omar has been murdered, he tries to free Hans from his restraints. To make it easier, Hans simply transforms into bat-form to slide loose of the chains. Guards come, and the Assamite tucks Hans into his pocket before taking position on the wall, as though he were still bound. The soldiers move to pour something down Dismas’ throat, and he surprises them by disappearing before their very eyes, then locking them in the cell on his way out. This unlikely pair then makes their way through the castle, stalking and killing anyone they find with keys. They escape the castle and run into the rest of the coterie, waiting for Victor. Hans takes off once more to find the Tremere.

At the former Elysium, Victor no sooner finishes the flask than shadows erupt from his body, splitting open his jaw in their passing. The swirling darkness engulfs the nearest thief, dissolving him horribly. Within moments, the man is writhing on the floor, tendrils of shadow digging their way into every orifice. The remaining thieves flee at full speed, and Victor returns to Allana’s side. Hans arrives, and Allana offers them the best blood they have on hand. They take a moment to gorge before checking in on the safehouse. The coterie’s soldiers have things secure, and the children are safe.

Victor and Hans fly in to the castle, while Dismas leads the others up through an underwater entrance in the foundations. The imprisoned guards serve as a repast for the hungry coterie, though their scholarly companions prove to be kindred. Thankfully, Ibrahim and Dismas dispatch one, while Jozef stakes the other with his own extinguished torch. Eventually, the two teams meet up near the castle gate. The last of Sonndheim’s soldiers have left, and the gates are now closed. With their army approaching the castle, the coterie open the gates to let their troops swarm in. One foolish defender refuses Ostvel’s offer of surrender and prepares to dump boiling oil upon the invaders, only to die by Ibrahim’s javelin. The Hasidic Tremere has bloodied his hands at last, but he assuages his guilt by remembering that his friends were in imminent danger.

As Ostvel leads the army through the gates, Sonndheim finally appears, dropping from the sky with his gargoyles. The battle seems to be going well, as Victor reaches out and ignites a blaze upon Sonndheim’s chest, causing the elder Tremere to tumble down. However, the gargoyles redouble their efforts, and even manage to snatch Ibrahim up off the wall, carrying him high into the air. On the ground, the rest of the coterie fights to reach where Sonndheim fell. Ostvel proves he can decapitate gargoyles just as easily as werewolves, while Jozef shoulders his way through the fighting.

Ibrahim falling. Sonndheim shows up covered in lightning. Dismas shooting arrows at him, Jozef throwing spears. Huge blast that somehow eases Ibrahim’s momentum, allowing him to survive the fall. Sonndheim was taken down, but the female gargoyle has scooped him up and carried him to the top of the tower.

Grab a soldier, dress him as Dismas, have Victor levitate whole group up on a wooden platform. Hans flies, Dismas climbs the tower with the cask.

Two bodies chained to the wall. Staked one, but it turned out to be the Evil Chair, thanks to some illusion. Stake other person and Ibrahim carries him down as a security measure. Dismas meets Sonndheim in the library.

Dogpile on Sonndheim, Hans throws bomb which Victor lights on fire. Ibrahim stabs him in the back exclaiming “For Omar!” Dismas tosses rest of bombs onto fire and celerities out the balcony, while everyone else dives down the stairwell. Unfortunately, Dismas left a bomb in the fireplace down there, and it is about to explode. Jozef and Ostvel smash the wall open and everyone explodes outwards in a blast of bodies. Everyone survives.



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