Farewell to Indus

The coterie (sans Omar) travels out into the woods, pursuing the werewolf hunters, but then decides to escape.

Omar waits atop a tower for the gargoyle’s return, and is directed to meet with Sondheim tomorrow night, and to bring Victor and Rook.

The plan right now is to find out what is going on with Gangrel and werewolves in the woods, as that is the most immediate threat to the army.

The army’s morale is slipping, and they will need to march to war soon or else face mass desertion and rebellion. Ibrahim will help to arrange a shipment of food, claiming to be acquiring victuals for a Jewish holiday feast. This food and drink will then be quietly loaded onto a barge and sent downriver, so they can be unloaded outside the city.

Jozef and Omar, meanwhile, follow a mysterious observer down into a cave. Located somewhere between the army’s encampment and the town, the cave features a number of seeming wards. Once past the wards, the obfuscated vampires discover approximately 40 people split into two factions, one large and hairy, the other smaller and less so. They are arguing in German.

The werewolves want to destroy Innsbruck, while the Gangrel seem to have made agreements with Sondheim. Finally, one of them declares that he shall open the way for the rest, for in three days’ time, the agreement with Sondheim will not matter, for none shall live in Innsbruck. Immediately after, the horde descends upon a mostly-abandoned village, and swarms through it, slaughtering what inhabitants remain.

Upon visiting the Elysium to obtain more blood for Hans, the coterie learns that Peter, sire of Illana, has been staked to the mountain, apparently provoked into violence by Indus. Either Indus has broken free, or someone else has taken his form.

The coterie will split up. Some will go to retrieve Victor’s book, some will check on Indus. Omar, in a fit of genius, leaves a note for the C-team coterie to rescue Peter if they want the best thief in Germany to aid them.

Some careful forgery and fast fingers allow Jozef and Omar to secure the book from Saint Jakobsdom, in the old city.

At Indus’ mill, Hans, Ibrahim, Ostvel, and Victor pull a water-logged Indus Mouhnar out from the stream. Clearly, the man who provoked Peter was an imposter. The staked vampire is tied down in his own laboratory, and the stake is removed. He proves uncooperative, even attempting to kill the coterie, and is staked one last time. Ibrahim, sensing Victor’s intent, leaves the room feeling an odd mixture of triumph and guilt as Indus is diablerized.



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