A Comedy of Errors

Omar and Hans sought a suitable place for the coterie to spend their days, but instead stumbled into what appears to be an Inquisition chapter house. They killed a knight then escaped, but not without some injury.

Jozef has encountered a strange creature at a tower by the river, where one of his contacts was being preyed upon by a vampire. Though never able to get a good look at the aquatic beast, the monk was severely wounded while attempting to kill it. He then summoned a nun to take the poor man away for convalescence, and the monk retreated to heal.

Victor and Ibrahim head out to locate the Jewish section of town, for Ibrahim is quite hungry. On the way, they rewrite the memories of a man in the hopes that he will be nicer to the Chosen People in future.

Eventually, the coterie meets back up and locates Omar, who has taken shelter in the house next to the Inquisitors. The adults have all been murdered to sate the Assamite’s thirst, but Ibrahim takes the children and alters their memories to make them believe that it was the work of Inquisitors. Thankfully, Uncle Ibrahim and his friends have arrived to protect these innocents from the evil witch-hunters.

The next evening, it is decided that Jozef’s attacker will be dealt with in force. However, Hans arrives to find that the vampire has already gone into torpor due to the damage Jozef inflicted. The body is brought up to the top, and is identified as the monk who had inhabited the tower before Offenbach did. His faith is no match for Omar’s fangs, however.

After searching through the tower, several secret compartments are found, including one that contains an odd skull. Jozef touched it and was so overwhelmed with information that he began to convulse. Ostvel broke the monk free of the skull, and Hans tested it by pouring some blood in. The skull soaked it all in, so the Coterie decided that this was not a safe object unless they could learn its purpose. Ibrahim made one last attempt, praying over the artifact, begging for divine guidance. He received a vision of two paths in a dark wood, one marked by a child, the other by a ferocious beast. He also can’t stop glowing, so was left behind at the tower with Victor.

The rest of the coterie began seeking their army. Hans transformed into a bat and was able to locate the soldiers near a burning village.



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